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The History of Alfred S. Forrest Elementary

In 1667, a terrible storm, lasting three days, blew through the area that Forrest Elementary now stands on. So many trees were blown over by the huge gusts of wind that the area became known as Gust Woods. The woods were also flooded, causing it to become a swamp. In later years, woodcutters came to saw the trees in this swamp and people began calling it Sawyer's Swamp. Many years later, Sawyer's Swamp Road became known as Todds Lane, named for the Todd family.

The school was originally named Bethel Elementary when it opened for the 1956 - 1957 school year. When Bethel High School opened in 1969, Bethel Elementary School was renamed after Alfred Sylvester Forrest Elementary School.

Alfred Sylvester Forrest graduated from the College of William & Mary. He served as principal of Wythe Elementary School beginning in 1923. When a junior high school was built on grounds adjoining the elementary school, he served as principal for both. Mr. Forrest then became principal of the new George Wythe Junior High School when it opened for the 1950 -1951 school year.  He served in this position until his retirement in the early 1960s.  He was also a past president of the Hampton Rotary Club, as well as a Navy veteran of World War I.  Mr. Forrest died on February 12, 1970.

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