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Forrest's Family Support Specialist

Sabrina Outlaw-Sanders

The B.A.S.E. Focus

Case Management

Family Support

Individualized Plan

Community Resources

The Family Support Specialist can link the family to ta variety of community resources and can assist in developing a plan to ensure student success and eliminate tardies and/or absences.

Office (757) 825-4627

Cell (757) 570-8640

Email: sabrina.outlaw-sanders@dss.virginia.gov

Base Consent Form

Was your Ranger Tardy or Absent?

When your Ranger is late or absent from school, please be sure to report the absence or tardy using one of the following methods:

Absence Tips

If your child is going to be absent from school, please:

  • Call the school and inform the attendance clerk that your child will not be attending school that day and provide and explanation.

  • Be sure to contact the school each morning your child will be absent.

  • Upon your child's return to school, provide him/her with a note to excuse the absence that includes: date/s of absence, name of child and reason for absence. If possible, get a copy for yourself for verification that the note was submitted.

  • Vacations are NOT excused absences.

  • After 5 parent notifications of absence, additional absences may be considered unexcused without written documentation from a doctor, court, etc.


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