School Counseling

Parent Referral Form for School Counseling

Hello Families!


I am excited for my seventh year as your school counselor here at Forrest! As School Counselor, my role is to help ALL students with learning, self-management, and social skills.  I am also here to assist your family with any needs. One to two times a month, I teach lessons during resource covering academic, career, and social/emotional topics such as having a growth mindset, handling conflict, practicing coping skills, and connecting learning to future career opportunities.


I also offer individual and small-group counseling.  Small group counseling sessions (with parent permission) will focus on friendship/social skills, managing emotions, leadership skills, grief, study skills, and other topics as needed.  I can also help you connect with referrals and resources in the community. Please complete the parent referral for school counseling found on this page if your child would benefit from school counseling! I am here for you and your child!


Gifted Services:

I am Forrest’s Gifted Advisor.  Gifted students show high achievement capability in intellectual, creative, or artistic areas. If you believe your child would benefit from gifted services, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. 

Office Phone: 757-896-7786 

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