Arrival/Dismissal Plan for 2022-23

Morning Transportation

Arrival time is from 7:00-7:25

School Bus


This is the recommended form of transportation.

Drop off time is from 7:00-7:30

Please keep the bus lane completely clear and yield to all busses.

Children who ride the bus are:

  • Never tardy

  • Have plenty of time to eat breakfast

  • Can participate in leadership opportunities such as safety patrol and be on the morning Ranger Report

  • Have time to use the restroom and get organized for the day

We encourage all families to utilize this free service!

Car Rider Loop

Drop off time is from 7:00-7:25

Approximately 75-100 cars go through the line each morning. To make this go as quickly and smoothly as possible, here are some guidelines for the Car Rider Loop.

  1. If you make the choice to drive your child to school, you will assume the responsibility of waiting in the line. Please DO NOT pass other vehicles, park, or let your child out at any other place than the designated location. Please be aware that adverse weather conditions will increase both the number of cars and the wait time in the line.

  2. All children must independently get out their car safety seats, seat belts, and the vehicle. Please do not get out of your car.

  3. All children must exit on the curbside of the building where the sidewalk is. Have your child scoot over to the driver's side of your car when exiting. Please do not allow them to exit on the back parking lot side for their safety.

  4. Have your children ready to get out of the car when it is your turn. This includes having their book bag ready to put on.

  5. Children MAY only be released from vehicles at the drop-off point which is monitored by school staff. Allowing students to exit vehicles in the drop-off loop at any other area is highly dangerous and will be addressed by administration.

  6. All children are tardy after 7:30 am.

  7. There will be no left turn out of the parking lot during arrival (7:00-7:30) and dismissal (2:00-2:30).

Please help us keep your children and all children in the loop safe.

Afternoon Dismissal
(Walkers and Parent Pick-up)

Dismissal begins at 2:05 pm

No children will be dismissed between 1:45-2:05.
For safety reasons, parents/guardians will not be allowed to pick up their child(ren) during the last 20 minutes of school per Hampton City Schools’ policy.

Around 250 children are picked up each afternoon by their parents. The safety of our children during this process is important to all staff members. Therefore, procedures have been established that must be followed by all parents.

Parent Pick-up

  1. All parents will receive a number that must be displayed in the front window of the car being used to pick up their children. Please ensure car numbers are displayed so staff can easily see them. Also, please make sure your child knows his/her car number. This will help the pickup process move more efficiently.

  2. NO children will be dismissed to parents at the back cafeteria door.

  3. School personnel will be stationed in the parent loop for the safety of your children. They will direct children to get into cars once they have checked for proper numbers.

  4. For our children’s safety, please do not pass cars or get out of the traffic line. It is imperative that you follow the established pattern and directives of staff members.

  5. There will be no left turn out of the parking lot during arrival (7:00-7:30) and dismissal (2:00-2:30).

We highly recommend that children ride their designated buses. Please check your child's bus stop on the Hampton City Schools Transportation website.

If you choose to pick up your children each day in the parent car rider loop, please follow the above procedures.


Walkers are students who live within a half-mile of the school. Parents can meet their walkers at two designated locations: the Northampton crosswalk or at the Forrest Field sign going toward Hampstead Heath.

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