School Supply List

2019-2020 School Year

**Supplies may need to be replenished throughout the year**


4 - Boxes of crayons (24-ct.)

6 - Jumbo Glue sticks (or 12 regular)

2 - Pair of blunt child-sized scissors

2 - Plastic folders w/pockets and prongs (any color)

6 - composition notebooks

2 - bottles of liquid glue

2 - Pkg. pencils (24 each)

1 - Plastic pencil box

1 - backpack/no wheels

1 - 2 pk. of erasers

dry erase markers

white/brown paper bags

plastic zipper bags

For Classroom Health:

hand sanitizer

tissues - 3 boxes

hand soap

baby wipes


4-plastic folders with prongs (no characters/designs please)

8-packs Crayola crayons (8-16 count)

20-glue sticks

2-bottles white school glue

48-pencils (plain yellow)

1-pk. large erasers

1-pk. small erasers

1-pairs scissors

1-plastic pencil box (no bags please)

6-black & white composition books only

1-pair headphones for personal use

1-pk. dry erase markers

1-pk. sandwich bags

1-pk. gallon bags

For classroom health:


hand sanitizer

baby wipes

liquid soap

**Please purchase a set of glue, scissors, crayons and pencils for use at home.


5 - 24 pk crayons

1- scissors (fiskars)

1- pencil box

20 - glue sticks

48- pencils (sharpened, yellow)

2 - pks. tip erasers

4 -pink wedge erasers

4 - plastic folders, pockets only

1- 2 in. binders, metal rings

1-pk. tab dividers, 8 tabs

1-pk. sheet protectors (50)

3 -composition notebooks (not spiral)

4 - highlighters

1 -bookbag

1-container disinfecting wipes

4-boxes tissues

1-pump or refill of antibacterial soap

1-hand sanitizer

1-box baggies (girls=sandwich; boys=gallon)


1-4pk. dry erase markers

1 - pk. notebook paper (wide rule)

***A set of basic supplies is needed at home (pencils, scissors, glue, crayons, and a ruler)


4-plastic folders with pockets and prongs

8-composition notebooks (not spiral)

2-packs 24 ct. Crayola crayons

24-glue sticks

1-box (36) yellow pencils

1-pkg. dry erase markers with eraser

1-pk. highlighters

3-packs notebook paper

1 - scissors

1-pkg. pencil cap erasers

2-large erasers

1-pack of 8 fine-tip markers

1-hard case pencil box

1 - headphones/earbuds

Optional but helpful:

2-boxes tissue

gallon or sandwich ziploc bags

2-bottles hand sanitizer

1-pack colored computer paper

1-container of disinfecting Lysol wipes


1 - 1.5 in binder

4- packs notebook paper

1 - 8 pk. dividers

1 - box hole reinforcement labels

1 -boxes of colored pencils

3 - plastic pocket folders w/pongs

1 -pair of scissors

24 glue sticks

4-boxes of pencils


1-pencil box

1 - pk. cap erasers

2 - pks construction paper

1 - pr. headphones/earbuds

Optional but helpful:

4- boxes tissue

gallon or sandwich size ziploc bags

hand sanitizer

disinfecting wipes

***Please label all supplies with name

For Music:

1-1 in, 3-ring binder

1-pk paper




6-composition notebooks

2-packs loose leaf paper

colored pencils or crayons


7-folders w/prongs

15-glue sticks or glue bottles



1-pack construction paper

1- pencil box/bag

2-boxes tissues

2- large bottles of hand sanitizer

3-4 dry erase markers

3-4 packs pencils

1-box baggies (girls=sandwich; boys=gallon)

1-bottle liquid soap

disinfecting wipes

1-headphones or earbuds

For Music:

1-1 in, 3-ring binder

1-pk paper



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